Why does all my craigslist ads get deleted/blocked?

I posted ads on craigslist which included my affliated links all of my ads were deleted within 3 hours. My ads were all in different catgories. Help me tell me how I can post my affiliate ads without being deleted

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When posting on Craigslist specially with any affliate ads the only section you can really post an ad is the Small Bizz Ads section under Services. Craigslist has been really strict with affliated marketers lately watch this Youtube video on how to get around it

Also if you are an afflite marketer I suggest to take a look IBOtoolbox its a social media like Facebook but, its built for online marketers. You can post ads all day long with out being penalized for spamming and its FREE! to join. They won't even ask you for any credit card number, here another video except this time its for free marketing

I've been using IBO for 2 weeks now and I've gotten 2 conversions there already....Good Luck!

1 year ago