Make a dialogue as a receptionist and customer ?

starting check in until check out

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Mr Rioius :Good morning I want a large room please

Me : A large room ?

Mr Rious Yes ,please May I see the room ?

me : certainly .sir this way!

Mr Rious : oh good how much does it cost

me : well for the poetry room you must make a poetry and post at there
but please use Indonesian...and hope you can reaaly like this room and active to write a poetry

Mr Rious : Ok give me that room for a month

me ; very well Sir if you need anything .please call us

hahaha...gimana bisa di terima ga dialog begini

1 year ago

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ga bisa...


by IbNu XFilth - 1 year ago

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Dari masuk sampai keluar resepsionis hanya menulis alama t, terima pembayaran. Selainnya dikerjakan orang lain.

by Moch Mulyadi - 1 year ago