question about cvs coupon restriction?

I got some CVS coupons but most of then show some specific conditions. Like one said $1off 2 Milka Bars. Can I use it for anything that I want? I tried once when I bought a toothbrush using this kind of food coupon and it did subtract 1 dollar. I used a self-checkout machine that time. But I'm not sure if I can really do that. It's kinda not the right thing to do.

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A coupon is good for what it SAYS it's good for. It's not just free money that you can subtract off whatever you buy.

Even if you're using the self-checkout, the coupon shouldn't scan unless you actual bought the item specified on the coupon. You must have just got lucky one time.

1 year ago

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There's a glitch in the CVS coupons that print out from the coupon center that allow VALUE off of CERTAIN PRODUCT coupons to be used on any products, typically. Most cashiers won't take them though

by ✿ pixiie ☾ - 1 year ago