Who will build me a website for.....?


I do not have allot of money. Let me show you exactly what I want. A website similar to this one:

I have the domain name already. If you notice, when you click on an item from the above site you are redirected to dealerease and their shopping cart/platform. Here is dealerease:

I have a merchant account with them now, I just need a page for them to link their shopping cart to. I think they even do the work of linking it, as part of my fees to them.

Anyone have an idea what it would cost me to have a site like linked to dealerease?

I hope this made sense..
Thank you for taking the time to look at them and reply. I was afraid it would be hard to start from scratch. However, I already have a website selling firearms (I have my FFL). So I was going to toss a link on that site and hopefully jump start some traffic that way. Plus I was going to blog, hopefully get good adwords to submit and advertise. I dont know. The market for survival gear is out there I think.

Thanks again. I will take your advice.
Of course Im interested! But how do I contact you or her?

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Those fees look pretty scary, I would think only established online retailers already getting high traffic could profit from those setup fees, not someone starting from scratch. I would guess one may have to spend quite a bit in advertising to get the traffic needed to pay off their fees.

It appears they may have an xml data feed which allows content to automatically appear on a site, this is pretty common for large retailers with thousands of product listings that mut be kept up to date, the Amazon affiliate program provides data feeds as does the Commission Junction affiliate management program used by many retailers, these examples are for affiliate sites who get a percentage of sales but don't have to pay any up front fees. The example site you mentioned seems similar to a typical Amazon 'store' site, a store site template script can probably adapted, reducing the programming requirements considerably.

You can find plenty of freelance web developers on marketplaces like,,

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