Ideas for 1870s travel brochure?

In history, I have a project where I have to make a travel guide for settlers moving to Kansas during the 1870s. I have to include attractions, places to go, landmarks, "hotels", farming, job opportunities, dangers along the way, travel methods and more!! I need help figuring out a clever title and is there anything creative that I can do to make my guide UNIQUE? Something creative please! Thank you so much!

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Mix in some modern terms for fun:

Natural air conditioned wagons, Luxury accommodations, unlimited growth opportunities

Describe the hazards, Indians, crossing the rookies as extreme sport activities

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I answer this not to be a jerk but help. Nobody here will give good enough advice to get an a. Go to your parents or friends for help. Also, you can look online for someone that has already done one.

by Colin Scull - 1 year ago