Which of the following is an interpersonal determinant of consumer behavior?

b.attitudes influences
d.learned experiences

The Rules Followed by accountants when preparing financial statements are referred to as?
A)Generally accepted accounting practices(GAAP)
B)Financial Accounting Standards Board(FASB)
C)accounting process
D)accounting system

Which of the following financial statements shown a firms financial position at a particular date?
A.balance sheet
B.Income Statement
C.Statement of cash flow
D.Statement of changes in retained earrings

Daniel wishes to create a financial blueprint for a future period that reflects such items as expected sales revenues operating expenses and cash receipts and disbursements
Daniel wants to create a(n)
A.sales forecast
B.Statement of cash flows
D.Income Statement

__________Refers to the actions of consumers directly involved in obtaining,consuming and disposing of products and the decision processes that precede and follow these actions.
A.Buyer behavior
B.Consumer behavior
C.Markeeting management
D.The Markeeting Mix

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