What is your best Forex strategy.?

what have you made so far?

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Forex market is too complex and there are too many factors that are giving huge impact to the daily fluctuation. The pure technical analysis or the fundamental analysis can never forecast the Forex market trend accurately.

Invest more time to really understand how Forex market work, especially study the trend behaviour characteristic in specific time frame before committing with your hard earn money.


1 year ago

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Started out about three months ago, there is no single strategy to using Forex best way it through research, I would suggest renting out book at your library.


by sasha - 1 year ago

Every first timer I ever met lost their entire investment - sometimes in a week, sometimes in a month or two. A few experienced traders seem to be able to make a modest living. What they all have in common is: an initial capital stake of at least $50,000 liquid; very, very conservative trading first 3 - 5 years; study fundamentals very carefully and make no trade based on broker or published recommendations; work very, very hard at independent research and most of all, specialize in one particular currency. A good rule of thumb is that beginners and gamblers lose everything; workers can make a living.


by squeezie_1999 - 1 year ago