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    Desperate! Need advice on selling a RARE item...?

    Dear Yahoo! Answers visitors and members... I need help. I came across this calculator Among my dead grandmother's possession… It is very old. Upon research of the calculator, I found it to be a very rare TI-150 calculator made by Texas Instruments. I emailed the head of a prestigious calculator museum who was able to tell me more about it.. Only around 4000 of these were made, and now they are extremely hard to find. Now, The man wanted me to sell it to him, and I offered him a price of $250. He said it was too high, and I didn't hear back from him. Well now, I am out of a job and strapped for cash… So I emailed him back and offered him a price of $160. He quickly excepted the deal, and sent me the money plus $15 extra for shipping and handling costs. So here's the problem. I go on eBay tonight, after the money from PayPal has cleared, and I see the museum selling the same calculator. The current bid is $411, and rising. Now, his model has the original box and plug. Mine doesn't, but mine does however have the original instructions and warranty card, his doesn't. Am I being taken for a ride? I haven't mailed off the calculator yet, and I'm thinking about refunding his money. What should I do?
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    Email the guy the web page you found it on and try to talk with the guy. But every time the guy tries to lower the price you go up on it don't back down!
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    • my dear friend you have to look on how your life you have now then to take an action on that asset because if now your life is clear so you have to stock it for the future use or for refund later. People they do not sale their asset till the difficult happen so your also a man look on that.

      by Daniel - 10 hours ago

    • you don't have the plug.... that could be a problem. If you want to risk a bad Ebay review then go ahead and refund the money immediately and put your calculator on Ebay yourself. I am looking at his listing right now. It started for about $20 and he got 49 bids. But... there is actually only 6 people that are bidding on this. So you have a very selective audience here. One bidder in particular is responsible for over 2/3 of all recorded bids on this.... If you post yours before this one expires... you have a captive audience of 6 people... Chances are the guy with the money got the one for $400 plus but the second runner up will be able to see your calculator showing up before the other one is gone. My move would be to make some good pictures of your calculator and make sure the listing is identical to the one that is up right now so that you show up underneath his. Start at $25 and list it for at least 7 days. And don't forget to put your "reserve" at a decent amount.

      by Reena - 10 hours ago

    • Get a refund bro! One day in the future it will be worth more, or just keep it

      by Tiilher - 10 hours ago

    • Refund his money. Do it. Nao!

      by raphael - 10 hours ago

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