What role do social networks like Twitter and Facebook Play in the Economy?

Any links or explanations?

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Since social networks are very popular, it gives companies the opportunity to reach a large audience containing people from all around the world. Globalization allows companies the opportunity to deliver products, services, and ideas to eachother. This in turn allows more cash flow to enter the economy. Thats just a real brief overview. I would recommend you google "Globalization" and read more about the benefits and impacts it has on the economy. The way your question is worded, that sounds like the direction the question is trying to take you. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Social networks is a great source of collecting the target groups for a business man. It is place where from a man can spread his product ideas or sample without any cost. it is great opportunity for us. A business minded man can easily reach his target group worldwide.

by Mohammad Hossain - 1 year ago