Do you think infomercials lie?

I think they do lie a bit because I bought that spray on hair in a can for my dad and mom says it looks like someone did graffiti on his head
Also I bought that portable speaker from TV you know the one that is shaped like a cube and has big sound. They didn't say it would be super loud. My neighbor called the police cause of this thing being too loud

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My favorite half-truth is the infomercial that sells leather and plactic repair kits. When it refers to "expertly blended" colors, it means that you have to do the blending, expertly.

1 year ago

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Not necessarily but I do think that some of the products has not been tested and the results recorded acurately
There is a television station in Baltimore that during the week test new products live on air to show the results and to match the claims that some of these product claim.
Some succeed and some fail.

by Charles - 1 year ago

Jay R is quite correct. It's what the don't show or tell that is deception

by Don - 1 year ago