Bake Sale Questions/Help?

Hi, I'm having a Bake Sale on Dec 15th and I need help answering a few questions........

1. Have you ever did a bake sale, what was your experience and how much did you raise?
2. What should I sell?
3. How much should I sell each thing?
4. When should I start baking? (Dec. 15th is a Saturday, Friday night, maybe?)
5. Since it's almost the holidays, should I do a Christmas theme or is that too corny?
6. How should I advertise my bake sale?
7. Where do they sell cellophane?
8. Should I have a decorating station, or is that too messy?
9. How much food should I make? (My location is at a Arts Academy)
10. How much could a bake sale earn?

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1. I've had small sales that raised around $100 and large ones that have raised over $1000
2. Stick to easy to carry, common things that everyone likes such as brownies, chocolate chip cookies, rice crispy treats, muffins, cupcakes.
3. This can be based on how much you want to make but people are usually fine paying $1-$3 per item.
4. It's best if items are fresh, so yes the night before is good.
5. People LOVE Christmas themed stuff, so since it is that season, that is an advantage and you should definitely do that!
6. Flyers (free templates at ), word of mouth, twitter, Facebook and ask friends or other people you know to help spread the word.
7. cellophane - look for a restaurant supply store in your area or bed bath beyond might have it?
8. There was a cupcake decorating table at an event I was at recently and they made a killing! It was very popular and people loved getting to decorating and choose their toppings. So I say go for it!
9. As much food as you can, but base this on how much you realistically think you can sell.
10. Quantity of food x Price of food will equal earnings. You want to have good foot traffic, so if you don't have a place picked out yet, try to do it at a time and place where you will have a lot of passersby.


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