how can i stop advertisement?

How can I stop getting annoying advertising coming through Yahoo. They stay there just at the top of the page and dont go away.

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The ads pay for the service. Yahoo doesn't charge its users money, instead, it serves up advertisements, and that's how it makes its money. What's more, Yahoo is actually pretty unobtrusive in its ads...there are a lot of sites that have popup and popunder ads, ads with sound, and ads that serve up malware.

1 year ago

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You can install a browser add on:
This allows you to block all kinds of ads and other things that pop up/in/under etc.

It does sometimes interfere with legitimate entities on a page, so there is an option to disable its action on a particular website or just a page on any site.

The ability to use it may depend on your browser. I use it with Firefox and have very few annoyances.

by Roger K - 1 year ago

You can use AdBlock plugin for Chrome and Firefox Browser.


by Vicky Rathee - 1 year ago