Has anyone ever gotten paid to review products? Is this a good idea?

I got an ad that says get paid to review products, free membership. Has anyone ever joined one of these? What were the drawbacks? Did they really pay you? I could use extra cash, but I have a feeling it will be a hassle...

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Be cautious, what you have to do is sign up for free trials, but if you let 30 days pass or whatever the trial period is, they will bill your credit card for the product. The trick is to sign up for many but cancel them before you get billed. For every trial you sign up for you get paid but you do not have to continue BUT you cannot cancel right away you have to trial for at least 15 days or whatever it is. If you want to choose to do this, get an email address you don't use (google) and get a pre-paid debit card and use that. Some of these programs are Multi-Level Marketing.

1 year ago

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Generally, these are scams. The company will require your credit card number, and it will make charges on your account.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

by Lynn Bodoni - 1 year ago