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    Topics for a marketing paper?

    I have to write a 5 page paper for my marketing class. It can be on anything that has to do with the subject. I'd like to do something interesting, but I'm having a problem coming up with a topic.Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    maybe..... How to Create Viral Content? something i found online explaining the subject. you need to create content that people want to share with others. That leads us to this natural question: What makes content go viral? That’s what you’re going to learn in this lesson. Now, what you’re about to learn you can apply to all your content. For example, you can post viral content on your Facebook Page, on your blog and everywhere else you post content. However, for the next two lessons you’re going to learn how to create a viral report and launch it in your niche. Onward… Creating Viral Content You’ve seen viral content all over the web. Indeed, you've probably passed along more than a few email jokes, YouTube videos and other similar items that you just had to share with others. Take a moment and think about the content you've forwarded or that others have shared with you. Why was this particular email, article, eBook, video, blog post or other content worth sharing? Chances are, it had several of the following characteristics. Any viral content you create should have these characteristics too: It’s easy to share. If someone has to jump through hoops to get at the content (such as by joining a newsletter list), you’ll have less people sharing it. That’s why you should put this content on your blog so that people can link directly to it, or put it in the form of a pdf eBook so that people can either link to it or pass it along directly. It’s a quick read. Think about it: If a friend sends you a 50 page eBook, you’d probably set it aside for “later”… except “later” would probably never come. The book would just gather virtual dust on your hard drive. The same goes for your prospects. Even if someone takes the time to read your long book and recommend it to others, a great many people are not going to take the time to read it right away. They’ll set it aside, which means the viral effect won’t take hold. The solution? Keep it short. Something like 1000 words for a blog post up to a couple thousand words for a report is a good length because these are fast reads. It’s unique. No one is going to pass along content that they've seen in a thousand other places. That means you need to somehow make your content unique, perhaps by giving an old technique a new twist and a new name. In other words, even if you’re sharing “old” material, dress it up in a new package to make it seem unique. It’s entertaining, humorous, extremely useful, and/or controversial. Finally, this can’t be “vanilla” content that’s boring to read. It needs to be entertaining and engaging. You can try humor if it fits. Or you can try creating something controversial or even offensive. TIP: Controversial or offensive content tends to go viral. That’s because it polarizes people. Those who agree with you will share your opinion piece with others. Those who don’t agree with you will also share it, just because they’re so appalled by what you've said. For an example of how to properly polarize an audience, just look at the far right and far left political commentators in the United States. For example, far-right Republicans get press when they say something offensive about Democrats. And people (including the media) pass their message along. The best way to know what type of content will go viral in your niche is to study your market. That is, read forums and blogs to find out what kind of content tends to go viral. Is it funny content? Offensive content? How-to content? Whatever it is, that’s the kind of content you’ll want to create too.
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