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    Swot Analysis need ideas for school project anything would help?

    i was wondering if any body can give me some ideas for a mobile/portable 3d projector ideas for swot. I have to do a project and any ideas would help thanks
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

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    Strenghts and weeknesses come from inside the company and include items such as low cost production, new technology, patented so cannot be coppied. Opportunities and threats come from the external environment, opportunities are endless from use on mobile devices for skype or other type of calling (Facetime) to reduced travel expence for international travel or just to enhance training. Threats would cover the usual items such as easy to copy, cost to protect patents is getting higher, new technologys come out too frequently, the inital buz will only last a few years so profit will need to be made in 3-5 years. (Short product life cycle) maybe replaced by other technologies (As the digital camera is being replaced by phones) hope this helps Ian Pratt
    3 years ago

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