What do you think about my idea for a company name?

I am in the process of opening an ad agency and I am considering many names. My favourite is Eureka!

What do you guys think about the name?
Please note I do not live in the US and as far as I know no company in my country has this name :)

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POTUS is President of the United States
how about "PROMOTUS"...meaning promote us. Then you can make up what each letter stands for.

how about something with "Blast" in it? Seems to be a trendy word right now. Web Blast + Face Book = "Face Blast". the slogan...We'll get your face out there, even if we have to blast it out! or BizBlast.

how about "1000 words" a play off of "A picture is worth a thousand words". Meaning you get the intended message out there thru clever use of pictures. Short & sweet & effective.

1 year ago

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by violet.starr - 1 year ago

The domain name is already taken and I would suspect that all the social media usernames have been taken for Eureka too.

Think of a new name and before you decide make sure that you can get the domain name - you can use to check that out. Also check that you can grab the social media names for your domain by checking

I'm sure you'll have another Eureka moment ;)

Good luck :)


by NickyElectric - 1 year ago