Will my items sell on eBay?

I recently added 4 items on eBay for auction. A broken iPhone 3GS 16gb, a 2nd generation iPod touch 8gb also broken, a used but still working gameboy color with a game, and a red ring of death Xbox 360 with the cables and hard drive. I'm not expecting much but I put the bids at 99 cents and nobody has nodded in 2 days. I guess I'm being very impatient but I have only 6 views on the iPhone and some I seen on there go for $60 on bids same model and condition. I would think people always want these for parts or to restore.

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Lots of people buy broken items for replacement parts. Have you tried craigslist? I sells LOTS of stuff on there. I also use ebay my stuff always sells just give it time. It will eventually sell


1 year ago