drawing a product i wanna make?

i wanna make a product and sell it on a market w.e but i cant draw well i can draw but not all pro and stuff like that can some1 tell from step 1 what i have to do if i wanna make a product and get it patent and manufactured

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First, you cannot patent a product -- you can only patent an invention, whether or not it's USED in a product.
Second, if you believe your idea is valuable, you owe it to yourself to get a book or online info about patents, such as Nolo Press' "Patent It Yourself", and then contact a professional attorney who can help you.
Third, you do not need to know how to draw -- you can hire others to draw. You just need to have the creative idea that became your invention, and be able to DESCRIBE it for purpose of obtaining a patent. A patent attorney is good at taking your preliminary description and making it into a patentable description.


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