Could anyone give me ideas for a fundraiser?

I'm suppose to think of a way to raise money at my middle school for a charity, any ideas?

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When I was your age I babysat, walked dogs, cleaned people's homes, and did other odd chores. You can also try washing cars, mowing lawns, raking leaves, and shoveling snow.

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Penny drive
5K Walk
Dunking booth
Sell items like candy bars

by Alexandria - 1 year ago

This is not the place to ask.

You need to be asking the parent or teacher in charge of this fundraiser.
They proably already have plans !
Trust me, those adults know. Talk to them.

by Silly Goose - 1 year ago

For pi day (3/14) have people donate money to have a teacher get pied during an assembly.

by Emily - 1 year ago

My school has done something where they sold whip cream pies for students to throw at the teacher of their choice. They actually made a lot of money.

Another popular one would be a hat day, if you bring a dollar you can wear a hat. You could do a dunking booth and have the students buy balls that they can throw to dunk teachers. You could have a penny drive and the class to donate the most can get a party day or something.

My school also has a 5k run/walk and each team has to pay to participate.

by Hailey's Life Project - 1 year ago

Do you have a portable grill of some kind? Does you school have basketball/soccer/football games? Or do you have an older sibling in College or High School that has basketball/soccer/football games?

One thing I did for my group when we had to do a fundraiser was sell shiskabobs in front of a football game. Almost every demographic love shishabobs. They don't require much cooking skill and the food supplies are fairly cheap. People will pay a fairly decent amount of money for hot beef. We sold a single shiv for 3 bucks which was something like 60% profit for us. We ended up running out of food and made a crazy amount of money.
Buy beef chunks (like the stuff they use in spagetti pasta), pork chunks, peppers, onions etc. Should be fairly cheap
Buy a few 2 liter sodas and few cups. Soda is really, really cheap and adding it to a shiv will allow you to substantially increase the price.

On the day of the event:
At home put on some gloves and stab a few pieces of meat/onions/pepper with the wooden stick and wrap it tightly in tin foil. Do this for however many shivs you think you can sell.
Take an icebox and fill the bottom 5th with ice. Cover it with a layer of tin foil. Place a row of wrapped shivs on top of that layer of tin foil. Place a layer of tin foil on top of the shivs. Repeat until you reach the top. This way you can quickly and cleanly have a shiv ready to pop straight on the grill.

Here is a really bad drawing of that.

= (shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv) =
=-----------------------------------------= -------------- tin foil layer
=(shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv) =
=(shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv)(shiv) =
= ice ice ice ice ice ice ice =

Be sure to bring a timer so you can make sure the food is cooked for a good amount of time.

Note: This will cost some up front money and quite a few friends and parents to help. Be sure to prep a few shivs at home to make sure that you know how to make a tasty and SAFE shiv.

Note: you will have to get the schools permission to sell stuff outside of a game. If you get your teacher to vouch for you and clearly state that its for charity then your school (or your siblings school) will be more likely to let you do it. I didn't have much trouble getting my school to let me do it.

Shishkabobs are best because they are cheap, unique and everyone loves them. If Shivs are too hard then hotdogs, burgers, noodles are good too, but you would have to charge less and would sell less.

by tom s - 1 year ago