I would like to set up a business website for an agricultural company. Where can I legally get images of crop?

I would just like to find out where I can get images of crop that I can legally put up on the website of a business. I have tried Stockphoto but the image is very expensive and I am not sure if I can use the images on the website for a business.
Thanks for the iStock photo suggestion. Could you recommend any places where I could get images for free?

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I use stock photos and video footage all the time for my business, I produce website mareketing videos. Just google "stock photo agriculture" there are a lot of sites out there and some free ones as well.

1 year ago

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I like you can buy images for a few dollarss


by Justin J - 1 year ago

Why don't you take pictures of their crops?!?!? Or use photos that they own from marketing materials.

by Rick B - 1 year ago