Buy Instagram followers without paypal?

I would like to purchase more Instagram followers without having to use paypal. I have a visa gift card and you can't use those on Paypal even without having an account. i have registered my gift card online and I use them all the time.Is there a website that lets you buy instagram followers without using paypal to pay?

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this is not really answering your question but it may help u save some money ehehe :)
try searching for "instatrain" on google...
u can gain tonnes of followers, real people, for free
its safe, u wnt get like 1000 new followers in 1 min
but u can keep refreshing the page (i gain abt 30-40 everytime i refresh)
check it out (:


1 year ago

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i would go to and ask them if they can take your card. they can get u a ton of instagram followers


by Jered - 1 year ago