Is this how much clothing costs today?

I don't shop for clothing very often and when I do I usually buy on sale or clearance, so today I felt like I spent too much money. I spent $121 at Loft today and got these items

2 sweaters
2 cardigans
1 dress shirt
1 tank
1 small purse

Seems a little expensive for being on sale, but I don't shop very much so I dont know. Is this how much clothing costs these days?

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Thats cheap i wear alot of bape and diamond supply my diamond supply sweaters are like 80 and my bape shirts are like 100 so yea thats how much clothes cost nowadays

1 year ago

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that's cheap


by YOLO - 1 year ago

Well nothing is cheap now a days ..

by babe(: - 1 year ago