How Much Can I Sell This?

Hi, I have a complete goku costume in great condition, medium sized it was a little baggy but if it was more baggy the better since then it looks more like goku (i'm 5ft 4in) and have boots with it I made by buying a knock off of UGG and spray painting it with blue then tied a string around it to make it look right, then put red stripping on the boot like goku's so how much do you guys think this should be sold at
oh and shoe size fits 8-9 in mens in the U.S

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You do? AWESOME!!!

Minimum: $50
Maximum: $200

Pretty good value, but not too much

1 year ago

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You run a search on "goku costume'.... choose 'images" then pick the one that is comparable to what you have and see what it sells for.

by Reena - 1 year ago