Is Craigslist a safe site to sell things on and is it free to advertise on?

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Not safe.
Some call Craigslist - Scams List.
Never sell anything unless you can meet the person face to face and exhcange cash.
Many scammers out there send fake cashiers checks.

1 year ago

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It is free to advertise on Craig's list. When I sell things on the site, I arrange to swap the item for payment at a public location, not my home.

by Brian - 1 year ago

Its a good place to sell you're stuff and its free. I sold my car and motorcycle on their and both were sold in two hours. just make sure you meet in person and take cash only because there is scammers on their.

by Ryan - 1 year ago

Free, yes. Safe, no.

There are still scammers and criminals in the world.

Don't meet someone at your home, and only accept cash.

Don't fall for the old scam: "I have a cashiers check, but it's for too much money, so just write a check for the difference."

by Frank - 1 year ago

my son-in-law buys and sells on there all the time but you do have to be careful and don't ever go to someone's house or let them come to yours. make the transaction in a public place if possible.

by Tina - 1 year ago

I personally have never used craigs list or any other such site--Don't trust them!!

by buzzardfur - 1 year ago

Yes, it's safe but be very careful about people. I've SOLD things on CL which those people came to my house with MY HUSBAND present. Also, met people at a gas station with my teen son who's 6'1" and husky!

Yep, FREE to list them on CL. I'm a SELLER on eBay. You may want to list them but pay a fee when it SELLS and also Paypal takes a cut.

by KAS - 1 year ago

I agree with first user post


by Camille - 1 year ago