Better with an ad free app or a paid app?

Is it better to list an app free but with ads or a paid app?

People do not like ads, however if I list my app free I get more downloads and small revenue from the ads.
If I list my add paid, there will be substantially less downloads, however still gaining a flat revenue based solely on downloads.
Which should I do? If you can could you give me some statistics of apps in this situation?
Btw, my app is a basic tools app, like a unit converter.

And no, I cannot afford to list my app free without ads.
Other things to consider.
Slightly a bad reputation with an ad, free app.
Relatively good reputation with paid app.
Assuming my app is a clean platform.

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One model that works well for gamers are in-app paid upgrades in a free app., at least start with a free 'light' version in order to get more downloads and a better ranking in the tiny store window.

1 year ago