Scam, paypal, Craigslist?

Every time I post something to sell on Craigslist I get email responses from people that agree to the price, live overseas or are at sea or herding cattle or something but want to buy the item for their father, son, daughter, spouse, neighbor girl but can't come to see the article themselves. So they want my Paypal account information and will send a representative to pick up the item after they deposit money in my Paypal account. I know this is bogus. How does this scam work?

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There are several variations of the Craigslist/Paypal scam
1 - this article explains the most common version which uses a spoofed email that only looks like it's from Paypal
2 - a version of #1 but the fake Paypal email will be for MORE than you asked for and you will be asked to wire the balance to the "shipper" or some other person through Western Union or Moneygram
3 - they pay with a hacked paypal account hoping you ship the item before the real account holder discovers the theft, reports it to Paypal and they withdraw the money from your account
4- Paypal ONLY protects you if YOU arrange the shipping to the buyer's verified address. Scammers know this but hope you don't. So they pay with their account then either send a "shipper" (scammer using another fake name) to pick up the item or they have you send to a father/son/cousin/etc overseas. Then once they have the item or you have sent it, they file a dispute with Paypal claiming their email and Paypal accounts have been hacked and there is an unauthorised transaction. Paypal contacts you asking for proof of delivery to the buyer's verified address. You won't have this as the scammer either picked up from you or shipped to an unverfied address, and Paypal refunds the money and the scammer keeps your item and resells it for cash
5 - With electronic items, scammers who have broken/damaged items scour the internet for the same make/model in other cities. They buy your item, pay with Paypal, then file a chargeback claiming the item doesn't work. They send you their broken one back and paypal refunds their money

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