Is this really SO bad for me to do?

I'm writing the FAQ for my web page for my retail business.
I'm writing a little on the return policy.

Aside from what we accept and what we dont, etc, I want to put in something, maybe buried among the text, like:
"We do not accept returns of merchandise stolen from my store; I know that there are many people interested in this, as there have been some occasions where folks have brought stolen goods in hope of receiving their retail value in return."

It's an annoying problem, and I think it would be not only funny as hell, but also totally and completely serious.
I'm sick of that sh*t.
What do you think?

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I think it's a bit smart ass, but funny. However, it won't make friends of your customers, and even the honest ones who never steal may find it mildly offensive.

1 year ago