Anyone know a real baby modeling agency that isn't a scam?

My 18 month old is freaking adorable!!! I want to get him into baby modeling for clothes or something. Everyone tells me he should be in it and a lot of people say he's the cutest little boy they've ever seen. Anyways, I've tried to look it up but a lot of the places seem like scams and ask for money before they even see him. Can anyone help me out and point me to a real place??? And before anyone says I shouldn't exploit him, just know its not something I would have him do for a long time. My dream would be for him to have some cool pics in a magazine and if he can make any money I would love it. I would make his own little bank account and give him all the money when he is grown and ready to buy a house. I think it would be awesome for him to have a big baby picture poster of him in Macy's or baby gap poster. Thanks in advance.

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The big agencies for child models are

Ford (NY, LA, Miami, Chicago)
BMG (LA, NY, Chicago, Orlando)
Wilhelmina (NY, LA, Miami)
Generation Model Management (NY)
Stars Agency (San Francisco)
The Green Agency (Miami)
City Models (San Francisco)
Kim Dawson (Dallas)
Seattle Models Guild (Seattle)
The Campbell Agency (Dallas)
LA Models (Los Angeles)

Agencies will only consider you if you live less than 100 miles from their office. So find one near you, submit your son's photos, and they will call you if they think he's as adorable as you think he is


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Every mother's 18 month old is freaking adorable! That's why the gullible get scammed. A lifetime of cool pics won't by him a house. Get grounded and be a good mom.

by John - 1 year ago