Looking for Reliable Content Writing Company for my business Blog?

My blog is hit by Google panda/penguin. Now, I need original content which can help in recovery process. That's why, I am looking for content writers for my business blog. I have already tried a few cheap websites but got only re-phrased content. Although, the that content was copyscape passed, but it is not everything. I have been told by my SEO that interesting content will reduce my bounce ratio and it will defiantly help. Any suggestions?

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Try content writing service of "AuthorityPlus" or Authority+ .


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Yes, there is more to your website's content than just the originality of it - it also has to do with how you link, interlink, etc. Also, the traffic might not be as much of an issue as the quality of the leads. What does your keyword list look like? Are you writing with keywords? We use Business Blog Writers for our blog - they are reliable, great writers and easy to work with.


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