Should I pass out babysitting flyers in a different neighborhood?

Okay, so I'm 13 and a fairly new babysitter, I passed out a fair amount of flyers for babysitting around my neighborhood, but I dont have nearly as much jobs as I would like to have. There is a neighborhood about 15 minutes away from my house that all of my friends live in, and I'm always there. There are a lot of babysitting jobs in that neighborhood, and I know because a lot of my friends always have jobs there. I was wondering if I should pass out babysitting flyers in the neighborhood 15 minutes away, or just stick to my neighborhood?

Also, I would not be going into a house in a weird neighborhood alone and risk getting stolen and raped and stuff, because my sister babysits with me. She is 12 and we have worked out how we split payment.

I would also most likely get jobs, because I have a formal babysitting license, which non of my other friends have. No one in the neighborhood really has a go-to babysitter, and I think I would get jobs there.

My questions are should I hand out flyers in the other neighborhood, should I tweek the new flyers because I am 15 minutes away, and do you think I would get jobs?


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I think you should try and give out the flyers but be careful and ask your parents first if they say its okay I don't see why not. Don't forget to be careful not every one in this world is nice.

1 year ago