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    What are some really high paying jobs?

    I really wanted to be a chef but now I realize that they do not get payed that much money. I also wanted to become an author/novelist and I had started to write a book but then I realized that they do not make much money either. I want a fun job. One that I will not hate doing. I would rather be starving and poor rather than wishing I were anywhere else but my job. I like science, for instance I love learning about dreams and why in particular we dream and about how our brains work. The brain to me is one of the most interesting subject. Yet there is not a job that JUST studies brains. What kind of job can I do? Stars and planets are also so much fun. Learning about the universe and it's way and our limitations as humans. What can I do? I am so lost on this! Remember, I wanted to be a baker that owns a cute quaint little bakery making petite fours and cakes!
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    You MUST follow your passion. It is funny when I hear someone who says the restaurant industry does not make very much money. Let me explain, I was a certified Chef when I graduated from high school. You learn and you grow. You can become an executive chef and make well into the six figures. Or you can follow your passion and make your corner bakery shop. I say go for it. Or (here is a hint about me) you can become a successful franchisee/owner of operations and make a very good living and security for your family. Or maybe you can have your little corner shop and it is so successful people seek you out and talk you into franchising your operation. There are tons of success stories who have done just that!
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    • My uncle is a chef, and he gets payed three figures, so I don't know what you're talking about. It depends how well you do and where you work. My father is programmer, and he get payed damn well for just sitting on his butt all day staring at a computer screen. He also works at home, which I hate. My grandfather switched houses, he made a great sum of money. He also was a share holder in a sun glass company that went out of business and made a large sum of money from that... Just put yourself out there.

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    • Underwater Welder. Big risk = big bucks.

      by flamewave - 5 hours ago

    • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WTF IS A CAKE?.

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    • Here are some well-paying jobs: Crab fisherman: Featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series “Deadliest Catch”, the job of crab fisherman is often called the most dangerous in America. Fishing in frigid Alaskan waters, these brave spirits weather stormy seas, below-freezing temperatures, and the heartache of being away from home for months. The short crab season makes it imperative that they catch as many crabs as possible during that short window. However, this can become astonishingly lucrative once one gets the hang of of it. According to one estimate, even a somewhat experienced crab fisherman can catch as many as $50,000 worth of crabs in an 8 week period. Gastroenterologist: Gastroenterologists are seen by almost every patient they treat as a necessary evil. This is unlikely to change, as virtually no one gets excited about going in for a colonoscopy or an invasive prostate exam. Worse yet, almost all of a gastroenterologist’s time is spent performing these same, routine, unchanging procedures that everyone dreads having. The only saving grace appears to be the eye-popping salary. According to Salary.com, a gastroenterologist can earn as much as $269,500 per year. Podiatrist: Podiatry is another lucrative yet otherwise unappealing wing of medicine available to the open-minded job seeker. While Salary.com clocks the annual earnings potential of a podiatrist at $149,527, it will come at a steep price. Should you undertake this career, your days will be spent on such enthralling, rewarding tasks as dealing with ingrown toenails, bunions, and ulcers. As if that weren’t enough, you will also be snickered at by the elite “real doctors” (ie, those with MD degrees) while you toil away as a lowly DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.) Accountant: Often stereotyped as “bean counters”, the accountant is seen as the prototypical “boring” person. Spending the workday digging through hordes of numbers, in a cramped office, under buzzing flourescent lights is just not what most people bargained for. Fortunately, this creates a massive opportunity for those who don’t mind such things! If you’re the kind of person who loves numbers and the quiet peace of being left alone, accounting could be a great fit. The average starting salary for an accountant is roughly $41,000, while the best and most experienced are known to pull down salaries of $200,000 or more. Commissioned salesperson: 90% of the job-seeking public have zero interest in jobs without a base salary. “Why would I work somewhere that doesn’t even guarantee me a paycheck?” is the common refrain. However, those who are bold and confident enough to take on a commissioned sales job can make an extremely comfortable living by doing so. The most successful salespeople at car dealerships, electronics stores, and investment banks, for example, regularly drum up $100,000 or more per year in commission. I think there are more jobs out there that you can look at. Just look in the internet and Google it. GOOD LUCK

      by angelrock4evalife - 5 hours ago

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