I'm opening a clothing boutique. Any ideal names? [details included]?

I'm opening a clothing boutique. My name is Tayler and my stores carries allover sweatshirt and shirts.

The name I came up with is TayTops. The o in TayTops is a top hanger.

Suggestions? Any ideas.

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taytops sounds like a cereal or potato chip brand name. you want to open a boutique then come up with a minimalist title (maybe just use your full name if it sounds dramatic or elegant enough). boutiques are all about exclusivity and quality.

1 year ago

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Friar Tux

by Yirmiyahu - 1 year ago

What about Boutayque?

by José - 1 year ago

Is it an online boutique?

Which kind of shirts are you selling, what makes them different than the rest of the market?

by victoria - 1 year ago