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    Business supply and demand question?

    I'm starting a video game business and was wondering how much games cost right out of company warehouses. Gamestop charges 60 dollars per new game so what did it cost them to buy the guy from the company? How much money are they making? I need a good answer people... Do not get lazy on me. :)
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    You would have to talk to a companies that makes the game and they will be willing to let you sell in stores. Or what you can do starting a business to save money is to contact local street people a give them more then $1.50 per game like other **** stores do. Also be smart about what games you buy because you know if some games are going to sell or not. Don't be worried on how many games you have just make sure you have a decent amount that will sell. If I were you I wouldn't contact a companie untill you get bigger because when you are small there is always that chance of them saying no or charging more because they think it won't sell. Stick to the street right now and slowly get bigger wish you the best of luck!
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