Why some companies do this???????

This GPS is being advertised at 129.99, But Why this company is trying us to believe its regular price is 249 ? What a big lie? Are they trying us to believe they have this GPS on SALE?
$129, is the price for this unit EVERYWHERE ....

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Under various state and federal advertising regulations, it is completely illegal to display an "ordinary price" next to a "sale" price if that product or service has not actually been offered for sale at the "ordinary price" in some previous period (e.g., the past 90 days). This rule can be skirted by cagey writing such as, "compare with $249 elsewhere", which doesn't say THEY have ever offered it at that price.

1 year ago

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They manipulate their information to make themselves look better. The product might once have costed 249, they don't specifically say "the product costs 249 everywhere else right now, whilst ours is half price". Take it with a pinch of salt.

by Jackmetalhead - 1 year ago

They're probably referring to the MSRP -- the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

No store ever sells items at the MSRP, but it is often used as you see it, to show what a big bargain you're allegedly getting.

by rtfm - 1 year ago