How much should I charge to sell my facebook page to a business that wants the name?

I have a facebook page made for an idea I had for a graphics service I wanted to start but I haven't ever gotten around to putting anything on it or getting likes. Some guy messaged me and asked if he could have it since he is starting a business that has the same name as my page and wants to use it for his business. He is apparently willing to pay for it. How much should I charge? He'd essentially be paying for the URL and name more than anything since he's not getting any fans or anything else with the page. Apparently the business isn't big so I don't want to spook him with a big price. What's the average this would go for?

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Ask him to make you an offer! Then, negotiate upwards from there.

Best wishes and good luck.

1 year ago

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between 200$ and 500$

by Little help :O - 1 year ago