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    I've noticed anytime i go to a website and leave and go to youtube i see their ad. How does that work?

    I guess the website tracks me, and sends me pop up ad's at the bottom of youtube. I get specific ad's from the website i just viewed. I am curious how this transaction works. Does youtube and these companies have an understanding together. And how does youtube get compensated for this? I mean millions of different designated ad's on their videos how do they keep track. Does the company X pay a bill to youtube for anyone that views a video w/ an ad that just looked at company X's website? All a bit confusing to me. Please explain if you know. Thanks!
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    1) is tracking cookies click the box that says you don't want to be tracked 2) flash cookies , way more dangerous than regular cookies they are hidden several folders deep in the macromedia folder in documents and settings they can store 100k of program or data, their extension is .sol and can only be read by a sol reader, regular cookies are text 3) the browser sends the referrer header to the new website so it knows where you just came from in firefox (about:config) you can set the send."referer".header to zero and will not be sent(that's how it's spelled) 4) use adblock and flashblock to prevent the ads even appearing but disable flashblock if you want to view flash videos
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