difference on "urge to action" and "modification of behavior" It is on public relations?

I was looking a website to proof the meaning. Please help me . I do not understand

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Modification of Behavior is by Skinner the psychologist.
In simple term you get rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad behavior this allows for the human mind to connect action and it's result, by good feelings and bad feelings.

Urge to Action is based on getting the public to take action, this isnt necessarily based on the reward and punishment system. It's just based on getting one to make a movement these steps can be inspired by hard core evidence and proof, it doesn't have to be based on punishment HOWEVER both of them should evoke an emotional awareness that will lead to an emotional response which in return will lead to an action.

In public relations which is like a campaign of people who are trying to promote a person, cause or company it's easy to relate modification of behavior because if the PR is trying to get the public to see, vote or root for a good guy they will display promises that will results to the public in good feelings, this will make it easier for the audience or public to relate and connect with the person the PR is promoting, (because the public will feel the person believes in the same cause as them or will benefit there life in some way). A lot of time this is also used to highlight PUNISHMENT to put fear in those who do not understand the concept whatever matter is being promoted so even if a person doesn't understand the subject at matter they will still move in the PR's desired position because the public understand the consequence & people at risk. Urge to action is almost ALWAYS used as a command step at the end of statements so the public can take an action, these steps are usually promoted in a similar manner as modification of behavior except in urge to action there is no substance, rule or theory as far as it comes to HOW TO get on to take the action step. Yes, there is a since to Urge to Action such as the PR knowing the target market and what would hit home for the market so the PR can make sure the Urge to Action will bring about a emotional response that is drastic enough to be sure the public WILL make an action.

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P.S Great time to study the election commercials and watch the debates, both parties use both tactics.

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