How do i set up a successful clickbank affiliate campaign for intant commissions daily?

I want to start a clickbank campaign and I don‘t know how to set up a successful daily campaign to start seeing a deflection on my clickbank account from zero to zi dollar counting.I would prefer not to go with a list scince i have not started to build mine.I wish to see instant commissions rolling out so that i start building my business.I would prefer both paid and free methods.

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Internet marketing takes time, and a lot of hard work. Contrary to what you hear all over the internet, it does involve work. Internet marketing is not a push button strategy where you just click your mouse a couple times, and then the money starts to roll in. I bought a ebook that I highly recommend, as the woman who wrote the book is a self made millionaire, and she lays out her formula for you in the book. There are several legit ways to earn money online that she also lays out for you which include ones where you do not need a website, ones where you do need a website, ones that are free ways to make money, and some that cost money up front to make money. If you are interested in the ebook, you can click on the link in the source box. You will not regret buying this book, it will leave you with your eyes wide open, and you will be ready to get started making money with any of the methods she lays out for you. There are lots of screenshots throughout the book, and many links to show you where to go to do different things to help you earn money.


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