Is this a scam website?

This site talks about how her or his grandmother is ill and want to earn more money to save her grandmother but i dont get it they already dont have enough money and their producing more products to sell out to the world does it make any sense ?
The idea of opening up a XXXX store began one day while I was browsing on Youtube. In 2011, I felt stressed because my grandma was in the hospital and unique arts and crafts have always cheer me up and life-saving remedy to relieve some of my anxiety. I came across a whole bunch of videos about kawaii things and squishy donuts. 'Kawaii' means 'cute' in Japanese. All over Youtube, girls my age were spreading the love of Japanese culture and all things kawaii. Instead of spending time on homework, I spent hours on YouTube. I saw a video about these squishy donut key chains and I thought they were so yummy and cute and so did a few hundred other girls around the world. Then the thought came in my head, I should sell some of these things! With the excitement of sharing all things kawaii to the world, I told my mom about it and she thought it was a great idea! So the week after that, I posted a video about selling the donuts and the video got over a hundred views! This made

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Scam. To poor to get medical attention, but rich enough to be browsing Youtube (requires a high speed connection) also rich enough to finance a start up. Scam.

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yes this is a scam website , yahoo has been giving out bogus information for years, look at chris chase

by Toefudge - 1 year ago