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    why don't clothes that are medium and large cost more if they use more fabric?

    I'm happy that all sized clothes are equal because it would suck if you were a little heavier and had to pay 5 dollars more for a medium XD ...but If the bigger the clothes are, the more fabric they take, then how come the cost is the same?
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    The pricing is done off fabric allocations for the sizes -- generally, there's only a few cents of fabric difference between the amount required for a small and the amount required for a large size. Most of the cost is in the sewing, packaging, marketing. Here's an example of high end jeans pricing, and cost of the various components: http://fashion-incubator.com/archive/yes-jeans-can-cost-300/ Note that the fabric costs are about 10% of the final price. When fabric prices are figured, they're done by laying out all the pattern pieces for all the sizes as tightly as possible on the width of fabric. By mixing up the pieces from various sizes, you can actually get a better fit on the fabric (less waste) than if you laid out just a single size at a time. Here's a cutting plan of 5 different sizes of a blouse: http://fashion-incubator.com/archive/what-is-a-marker/ -- there's actually too much waste space between the pieces on this, but it will do for illustrations. (Typically, you don't waste more than 3% of the fabric unless you're doing very high end clothes; in some companies, 5% waste in a cutting plan would get you fired.)
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    • It depends really. I order from Alloy all the time and the clothing for larger sizes are always more.

      by **E** - 10 hours ago

    • cause fat people spend all their money on food but still need clothing.

      by rip_guitarist - 10 hours ago

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