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    Glamour Kills International Shipping?

    There's a whole bunch of stuff I really want to get from Glamour Kills, about 30 to 40 things. Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship that stuff to Sydney, Australia and also if there would be customs and tax on the stuff? Also, if I order all the things now would it arrive before Christmas, and would it be delivered to my house or would I have to pick it up from a post office? Does anyone know or has anyone done this before? Estimates are cool too.
    10 months ago 2 Answers

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    Larger amounts, like 30 to 40 things are the best way to shop internationally. Even with international shipping, your items should arrive way before Christmas. There are some customs rules specific to AU. If the items total less than $1000 you don't have to pay duties. Here's a bit more detailed info about shipping to Australia: https://bongous.com/transit-times.php Also, for the amount of stuff you want to get I would suggest using a forwarding company that will receive all your purchases, consolidate the packaging (which also saves you money,) and ship directly to AU with an online address. The US address is great and never expires so you can keep shopping! More info on the address here: https://bongous.com/us-address.php Hope this helps!
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    • it should be there before Christmas, and I would expect to pay a large fee for shipping (30 dollars), so buy in bulk

      by britt - a day ago

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