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    Who thinks of concepts for commercials?

    What is that person's title? Is it someone who works at an advertising firm?
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    There is no ONE person, at least typically, that thinks of the concepts. Ideally, since it is an advertising FIRM, the whole firm will collaboratively brainstorm and develop ideas. TEN brains are ALWAYS better than ONE! I have heard of Disney hiring people STRICTLY for their creative minds, but I would say it's almost Zero Percent chance, that only ONE person is expected to think of an ENTIRE commercial from scratch. Even if it's a good idea that ONE person generates, I would guarantee there's other people's viewpoints that would make it better, work out kinks, and assure all measures of production are possible. I believe* the Disney version is "Imagineer", but other than that, I've never heard of an industry-wide term for a "Commercial Thinker".
    3 years ago

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