Does youtube really send you an apple product after the survey?

I want to know if it's a scam, after answering three questions and choosing the apple product you want and giving the shipping information, do you really get a new ipad or ipod? And if you do is there a catch?

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It's a scam. They require you to sign up for services after the "survey", if you do not sign up for said services, then they say you do not qualify. If you do, you pay 3-4 times what the Ipad costs. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

1 year ago

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Just WALK AWAY lol it's not so much that it's a scam, they may very well send you the item after you comply with the LLLLOOONNNGGG list of requirements in order to qualify - ALWAYS read the fine print

by Tina - 1 year ago