What should my Facebook presence look like?

From my competitor analysis, some small business Facebook pages hit the nail on the head, some
really don't.

I like how many business pages use imagery from the area (whether its an image of their building) or area of locale.

Is this a strategic and good idea or how can I use imagery that makes more of a statement?

FYI--This page would reflect the branding of a small independent design firm. (I own)

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Whatever the layout you choose it needs to make a statement. Use one of the most radical designs to illustrate the page and really make an impression. Maybe use thought provoking text in one of your designs or a question to decorate the page. Include a lot of pictures of your own work so potential customers can really get a feel for what your business is about and its specialities. The mistake I'd imagine most pages make is failing to really distinguish themselves from other similar businesses, make it eccentric and colourful. Provide links to twitter pages an original web page and instagram to make it seem current. Get everyone you know family and friends to 'like' the page and really shove it down peoples throats in order to gain followers and establish a strong image.

1 year ago