How can I promote my friend's school for earning commission and know which students came from me?

A friend of mine owns a pretty new English language school, he offers me a generous commission for recruiting students for him and I'm keen to start but here I am stuck in wanting to know how to start up, I have my ideas but there is something I want to know, here is my question.....

So, I want to promote his school online and I want to know how am I going to know which students have been recruited coming from my work in promoting the school, i.e. if I put advertisement online and these students enroll, how can I verify those students came from my ads? An idea I had is to offer something to students once they enroll, i.e. some tickets for some attractions in the city or else what can I offer to students once they enroll just so I know I can claim my commission with certainty?
The owner of the school is a good person but I don't know him so well and I guess if he has the chance not to pay me my commission or some commissions he would take that opportunity, i.e. if 20 students enroll, he can probably pay me commission for 10 of them and for the other 10 I wouldn't have a clue..... I hope I explain myself well enough

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For the 747,325th time...
The Internet is not some magical cash machine.
There are NO online jobs. Not one. No data entry. No surveys. No clicks. No nothing.
You will not find one from your house.
You will not find one with your mouse.
You will not find one here or there.
You will not find one anywhere.

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You can easily track how many people from your ads (after clicking them visited to your friend's website). Anyhow it does not solve your problem fully as you do not know which one actually got admission or not. For this either you can ask them to complete a registration form on your site and compare them with the actual admissions or implement forms so that transaction is completed on your website. You can use google analytics (which is free) to setup conversions and goals for most effective tracking

by Rajasekhara Reddy - 1 year ago