Business card title for a student organization?

I am starting a new student organization at my university and I'm thinking I'd like to get business cards made. It is an advocacy and fundraising group for refugees, so the cards would help when it comes time to get sponsors and donations for events.

My question is, what title is appropriate? I was thinking "Founder & President", or "Founder, President". Which one looks better (the "and" sign or the comma)? Or should I just have either "Founder" or "President"? I want to convey that I did indeed start the group AND that I am involved in everything. Does putting only "Founder" give the sense that I am uninvolved? Does putting only "President" leave off the idea that I started the group?

Any help you can give me is appreciated! I'm new at this and even though this is a student group, I want to get our name out to the community so that we can raise money for refugees, so I want to look professional.

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As a designer, I would put Founder and President. I would make the word "and" smaller using a smaller font size. The words Founder - President are what you want to convey, but adding the word "and" ties them together professionally in a way that the "and symbol" does not.


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I would go for "Founder & President". Also you can use "Founder and President" by keeping and in small font as is suggested by above mate.

by Edgar - 1 year ago