Can you give me some examples of brands that have both a high end and a low end label?

A lot of car companies have two kinds of labels for some of their offerings. Toyota has Lexus for their Luxury vehicles, Honda has Accura, etc.
Can you give me more examples for companies that operate this way in OTHER industries (fashion/apparel, food products, tools/equipment, etc)?

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Fashion - many designers do mass market lines to sell at at stores like Target (Vera Wang, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de Laurenta) for $50 or less while concurrently selling high end, less mass produced items at Nieman Marcus for thousands.

Foods - manufacturers commonly occupy multiple ends of the market, same as with the car manufacturers. For example, Mars Foods makes both Dove Chocolates (fairly high end chocolate) and M&Ms (mass market).

Tools - Black and Decker has higher end brands like Dewalt or Porter-Cable that are targeted at professionals , as well as the fairly disposal line of cheap household tools that you pick up at Home Depot for $20 or less marketed under the Black and Decker name.

Hospitality - Hilton has about 10 brands of hotels encompassing all price points, from the low-end, side-of-the-highway Hampton Inn all the way up through the 5 star Waldorf Astoria.

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