Fundraising Ideas. 2,000 in 3 months. Please HELP!?

Hi, well I will be going on a service trip in the summer and I need to fundraise 2,000 to be able to go ans I have to make it in 3 months. Would you guys have any ideas? I went on a service trip last year and raised 1,000 by putting on a middle school dance. I originally made about 1,500 but had to pay some expenses. I also sent out letter asking for donations, but I only received about $200. Would any of you have any ideas? Thanks so much!

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Try selling something that your supporters will actually want. Not products that they can get on their own right down the street and usually for a cheaper price. A very good product that gives value to supporters is fundraising cards. The thing about fundraising discount cards is that the supporters save well more than what they actually paid for the card. Xtraman Fundraising has the industries best fundraising cards should you decide to go with a discount card fundraiser - and it doesn't cost anything upfront... Good luck!


1 year ago