Is this article legit? [Extra space because Yahoo is dumb]?
I know there's a lot of scams and everything but more than 1 person says it works, so does it?

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Sorry to say so, but this article isn't legit. Most of these optimistic money making programs are scams that jerks run to gain money off of people that just want to make a little extra dough. I would definitely advise to stay away from this and other related sites.

1 year ago

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Enter just

And you get the EXACT SAME PAGE. is NOT a CBS News affiliate, it is this scammer's site meant to make you believe it's legit.

by Habah - 1 year ago

It's a scam.

You say "more than 1 person says it works." Untrue. The scammer, with different entries, says it works.

No. It doesn't work.

by Donald - 1 year ago