Looking for a Reasonably Priced Art Design Company?

I would like to have a logo for our sports club professionally designed. I have foundation images, but not the skill to put it all together. I've contacted a video game designer (who did the art the image will be based off), and while the quality would be amazing, the price is simply out of budget for a non-profit sports club. I'm not trying to be cheap - it just can't be 4-figures expensive.

I'm not looking for some art student who thinks they can whip up something good enough in their spare time - I want QUALITY. Any suggestions?
This design is going to be very customized. I'm a graphic designer myself, and I'm absolutely not looking for cookie-cutter solutions.

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It might not be your most professional solution, but have you contacted art schools in your area? From there, you may be able to commission someone for pay or maybe even for school credit who specializes in the style you're looking for.

1 year ago

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Have you looked at Logo Search for art designs?

by Emma - 1 year ago